Sustainable solutions

for environment and business

HAUS DER ZUKUNFT enjoys an international reputation as a center of excellence for environmentally oriented and sustainable economic development. Anyone who has to solve complex environmental questions will find everything close together here. The core competencies of different organizations can be combined as required. For almost every job profile in the environmental area a team can be put together, enabling custom solutions such as the planning and conducting of campaigns, consultation of private or public clients, the implementation of research projects or the organization of events and conventions. When soliciting an offer for specific projects the organization likely to have the greatest share of the overall project should first be approached. They will handle the coordination of everything else.

The staff of the organizations – currently about 70 employees – have qualifications and experience in all of the relevant disciplines, including architecture, agriculture, business administration, economics, nutritional science, history, social sciences, building services, journalism, law, engineering, marketing, media, public relations, education, political science, languages, communication, environmental consulting, environmental engineering, environmentally oriented management and industrial engineering.

Associations and companies find synergetic benefits in HAUS DER ZUKUNFT. Vital information about potential customers and grant resources can be exchanged quickly and straightforwardly on an informal level. The close proximity of individual organizations promotes the possibilities of interdisciplinary cooperation. Please contact Wullkopf & Eckelmann Property Management if you are interested in renting office space.

Awarding Ceremony: Dr István Debreczeny gets the Dr Georg Winter-Prize 2012 in Budapest / Hungary