Tradition of innovation

Both as a center of excellence and as a building, HAUS DER ZUKUNFT is an internationally outstanding model project. It has a successful past and continues a tradition of innovation associated with the name Winter that is over one hundred and fifty years old. The first German diamond tool production line moved into the predecessor of this building in 1852. After its destruction from bombing during WWII a new building was erected at the same location. From this building came the incentives for the first German production line of synthetic diamonds. Starting in 1972 the first environmentally oriented management system was conceived here and a movement for environmentally oriented management was launched.

In 1998 Dr. Georg Winter established HAUS DER ZUKUNFT as an international model project. The building offers a common roof and synergetic benefits in the border zone between economy and environment to approximately 30 non-profit associations and commercial enterprises. The core competence of the organizations lies in the development and introduction of environmentally oriented management. In this respect the building has a leading and pioneering position. Even nature conservation is competently represented here. The building, which was completely gutted and redesigned (on the inside and outside) according to the principles of using environmentally friendly building materials, received the first German “building passport” in 1999.
Awarding Ceremony: Dr István Debreczeny gets the Dr Georg Winter-Prize 2012 in Budapest / Hungary