Functional and ecological

All materials used for construction, interiors and furnishings were approved by a specialist for indoor toxins following review of safety data sheets. The same strict criteria are met by all materials used for cleaning and ongoing maintenance. Even facility services such as heating, power distribution, ventilation, natural and artificial lighting as well as sound insulation conform to current functional and ecological standards.

The offices are grouped around attractive community zones with communication areas, technical units and shared kitchens. Next to the office doors there are windows that provide a view to the community zone, creating an ambience of openness while preserving the privacy of employees.

The natural materials employed impart a feeling of warmth and wellness. The spatial atmosphere meets the guidelines established jointly with employees. It is bright and transparent, communicative, creative, organic and forward-looking. Planning and design are not trendy, but solid and well-crafted. What matters are warm colors, the human factor and not showing off.

In the entrance hall a large mural by artist Renate Kirchhof-Stahlmann shows the world in its commercial and ecological interdependence. On every floor of the building pictures, objects and other design elements evoke the activities and ideals of the organizations working together at HAUS DER ZUKUNFT.
Awarding Ceremony: Dr István Debreczeny gets the Dr Georg Winter-Prize 2012 in Budapest / Hungary