Conceptual model and structural form in harmony

HAUS DER ZUKUNFT is not just a network of complementary organizations for the promotion of environmental protection. HAUS DER ZUKUNFT is also an environmentally friendly building in which these organizations work together.

The building was erected in the 1970s, and in 1998 was completely gutted and redesigned (both inside and out) according to the principles of using environmentally friendly building materials. Matthias von Heynitz was responsible for architectural supervision. The building is an expression of the ideals of the associations working together in it and at the same time a pilot project for environmental office building modernization.

Dr. Georg Winter, the owner of the building, had already initiated the construction of the first industrial building in Germany using environmentally friendly building materials in 1985/86. Today the greatest message and role model effect of modernizing an old building is to be expected, because the renovation sector is going to increase in importance compared to new construction.

HAUS DER ZUKUNFT was awarded the first German “building passport” in October 1999. The “Quality passport for buildings” was developed by ARGE Gebäudepass e.V., a body including members from various institutes of higher learning and associations. It describes the technical and environmental qualities (including deficits) of a building. In the interest of building owners, tenants and buyers the “building passport” is intended to make the characteristics and utilization quality of a building transparent.
Awarding Ceremony: Dr István Debreczeny gets the Dr Georg Winter-Prize 2012 in Budapest / Hungary