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Dr Georg Winter-Prize 2012 was granted to Dr István Debreczeny

This year the Dr Georg Winter Prize was granted to Dr István Debreczeny, president of EOQ (European Organization for Quality) Hungarian National Committee’s Environmental Protection and Sustainability Committee, director of Hamburger Hungaria (a paper mill). The awarding ceremony took place in Budapest on October 17, after the annual conference (Enterprise 2020) of the KOVET, in the framework of a festive dinner.

CV of the award winner: Dr István Debreczeny

Dr Debreczeny, who has originally been a chemical engineer,  previously – among others - used to be the CEO of the Hungarian Beerfactories’ Trust (employing  altogether more than 10,000 employees), then CEO of the well known Hungarian beer company, Kőbányai Sörgyár (Kőbánya Beer Factory).

In the meantime, in 1982, he got the degree of economic  engineer, later, in 1985, he became a doctor of the technical sciences. He also took a very active part in the foundation of the Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling, in 1988. He used to be the first president of the organization, today he is co-president. In 1990 he changed, and began to work in the packaging industry: he started to work for Dunapack Ltd., as a director responsible for environmental protection, and recycling of the packaging materials. Due to his work and performance he was elected in 1996 as the member of the National Environmental Protection Committee (an organization helping the environmental protection work of the governments), later on, in 2002, he became the Vice-President of this Committee.

Hewas awardedseveral prizes during his career:  He got the „Loránd Eötvös  Prize” for the reconstruction of the Kőbánya Beer Factory; he got the prize „For the Profession” in 2008 from the Hungarian Association Packaging and Material Handling; and this year he was awarded the prize „Fort he Quality” from EOQ National Committee. Dr Debreczeny is regularly publishing articles in environmental protection, gives lectures at universities and conferences, and helps students, as a consultatnt,  to finish their thesis.

Foundation of the prize

The Board of KOVET Association for Sustainable Economies decided in 2009 to found the Dr Georg Winter-Prize, saluting this way – first in the world - to Dr Georg Winter, the pioneer of the implementation of modern environmental management systems , and the inspiring „father” of the birth of KOVET Association.

Criteria of getting the prize

The prize can be granted to those, who have disinterestedly, efficiently and in practice justified that human, nature and economy can oprate in harmony, what is more, this is the only responsible way of their operation. Those people can be awarded who with their exemplary deeds and actions contribute to the realization of sustainable development.

Candidates can be nominated by all the KOVET member companies, members of KOVET Board and Supervisory Board, and KOVET staff. Canditates can be private persons, regardless of their citizenship, working in Hungary, and whose activities are linked with the economy or education, and serve the realization of the idea of sustainable development.

Dr Georg Winter-Prize 2010, 2011

In 2010 the prize was granted to Dr Tamás Kemény, external relations director of Iparfejlesztési Közalapítvány (Public Foundation for Industry Development), previously managing director of the organization.

In 2011 the rewarded person was professor Sándor Kerekes, Vice-Dean of Budapest Corvinus University, a real advocate of sustainability, and the founder and director of the Enviromental Institute embracing five faculties.

Youtube-Video of the Award Ceremony >>>

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